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Teaching is an opportunity for me to learn from my students as I share with them the joy of creating with brush and ink.


See listings below for classes at the Art League (Torpedo Factory) in Alexandria, VA (click on link to register) or contact Charlene regarding private lessons.


The Torpedo Factory – Art League School & Gallery
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Winter Classes - 9 week session:

      Due to COVID classes are online via zoom 

Spring & Summer Classes - check with the Art League

Private sessions available via zoom. Please contact me at

Watch youtube video on how to paint bamboo.

Caldera in the Clouds


This painting started out as a Splashing Ink or PoMo on single shuen rice paper. I took several layers of paper and taped them to a board, then sprayed the paper and added color. I let it dry and this is the first layer. The clouds were an experiment using white gouache, the color on the paper from the initial pouring of color along with touches of 3 or 4 different blues - and lots of water.


Charlene M. Fuhrman-Schulz

Traditional Chinese Brush Painting and Contemporary Watercolors

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