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Traditional to Abstraction


The tradition for Chinese brush painting (Oriental Painting) starts with a student finding a mentor or teacher and copying from the models that he or she is provided. Over time, the student becomes proficient and develops their own style or signature. What I mean by that is that for those that knew Prof Ju, it would be very evident that I paint in his style and that I was his student whether my painting is traditional or more abstract. It is this knowledge that I share with my students. It would also be evident that although my work is in Prof. Ju’s style and may even be of the same subject, my work is uniquely mine as it reflects my personality and my development as an artist and this I also share with my students.


  Click on a image to see information and a larger more detailed view of the painting.

The slide presentation above exhibits my paintings that transition from the very detailed and traditional Chinese Brush Paintng like Strength and Longevity to more abstract like Lotus Dreams to the even more abstract like Kilauea.   Rhodochrosite Sunrise, Caldera in the Mist, Highlands and Flight of Imagination are a blending of the very abstract brought to life through the use of traditional brush work necessary for the painting to be successful. All show my joy and passion of creating with ink and brush but with differing levels of brushwork and spontanity.


I have been painting since 1989 and have found that development as an artist comes from experimentation and re-discovering the traditions as well as studying the masters. It is my hope that my paintings exhibit that growth and passion. What started out for as an interest in traditonal Chinese Brush Painting soon became an all consuming passion - a life-time vocation.


Charlene M. Fuhrman-Schulz

Traditional Chinese Brush Painting and Contemporary Watercolors

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